IASCA Sound Quality

The competitor’s goal is to build and tune a sound system to reproduce the source material, so that it gives an accurate and realistic reproduction of the original music from a technical standpoint. To create the illusion of listening to the live performance being played.

SQC (Sound Quality Challenge)

The intent of IASCA’s SQC, or Sound Quality Challenge, format and its rules is to provide a fair, funvand unbiased sound judging format , evaluating automotive sound systems in seven critical areas of sound reproduction; System Safety, Tonal Accuracy, Sound Stage, Imaging, Linearity, Noise and System Control Operation.

The main premise of evaluation is to Judge the system as it would be used in a real world application (the user driving down the road listening to the music). Certain classes are designed for vehicles that are not intended for road use, but that is the main premise.

There are seven Classes in SQC;

  • Rookie
  • Novice
  • Amateur
  • Pro/Am
  • Pro 1
  • Pro 2 
  • Expert

The first five Classes (Rookie, Novice, Amateur, Pro/Am, Pro) are evaluated in what has become termed as “single seat” or “one seat” judging. The Pro 2 Class is evaluated in the “two seat” judging format, which is one judge in each front seat, while the Expert Class is evaluated in both the 2 seat and 1 seat styles, by two judges

IQC (Installation Quality Challenge)

The intent of IASCA’s Installation Quality Challenge format and its rules is to provide a fair, fun and unbiased judging format, evaluating the installation of automotive sound systems and related components in four main criteria; Safety, Integrity, Integration and Craftsmanship.

In IQC, competitors are also evaluated on their knowledge of the system and its construction through Presentation and rewarded for their ingenuity in Creative Elements scoring.


The purpose of IASCA IQC is to raise the standard of sound system installation, educating consumers and industry members alike to the benefit of a properly installed aftermarket sound system, without bias or consideration towards brand or vehicle, aiding in the promotion of system safety, performance, serviceability and cosmetics.


This competition format was created to evaluate a system builder’s skill and ability to install aftermarket equipment and build a system to operate at peak performance in the categories of Safety, Integrity, Integration and Craftsmanship. It also evaluates the builder’s knowledge of the system and creativity used in system design.


Divisions and Classes in IASCA IQC are based on the system builder (installer), their status within the mobile electronics industry and the level of installation.

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