IASCA Bass Boxing

IASCA Bass Boxing is a format designed to bring musicality and showmanship back to SPL competition. In Bass Boxing, competitors face off against each other in an elimination format; afterfirs t round qualifying, the top two competitors move on to the subsequent rounds.

Competitors “duke it out” for up to four (4) total rounds in Bass Boxing; the first (or Qualifying) round determines the two Finalists, then the finalists compete against each other in a three Round final match.

In all Rounds, competitors play musical tracks of their choice (from a commercially available CD - must be approved by the event Judges); the track is played for 30 seconds; the highest average decibel level (SPL) achieved during the time period is recorded.

In the three Round final match, the competitors’ individual scores are added together and divided by three for their average SPL score; the competitor with the highest average

SPL score for the three rounds is declared the winner.