About IASCA South Africa

Mission objective

The objective of the senior members of the ISACA South Africa affiliation seek to empower the industry once again to be instrumental in the growth of sales and the safe promotion of Car Audio within South Africa.

We would look to bring back fair and transparent competition scene with the ability to help new comers to the affiliation , this while maintaining a respect for both competitors as well as judges.

Sub affiliations will be held under the banner of South Africa, we have already appointed a number of credible members of the industry to take on the responsibility of the sub regions, these sub affiliations will be allowed to use the full range of IASCA rules and regulations to help grow knowledge about the industry. 

The primary goal of the sub affiliates is to ensure we do not have competitors who are not based in Johannesburg to compete under IASCA.We have found that while many SPL shows were being held the SQ side of shows was seriously lacking.

Senior IASCA judges may be required at times to travel to sub shows to show support for the regions, the major shows will be attended by senior members of IASCA , this will be both for support and to ensure that rules and expectations are being met.